Utilise Our LTE & DSL IPC Accounts

By utilising our LTE and DSL IPC accounts, Mesh Telecom can deliver quality and cost effective voice connectivity solutions to small businesses who are budget-sensitive.

LTE is available widely in South Africa and is ideal for companies looking to integrate remote sites and smaller offices with primary locations on a single deployed Hosted PBX.

DSL IPC accounts can be loaded onto existing Telkom DSL services, allowing the customer to take advantage of our highly cost effective VOIP telephony call rates.

Mesh Telecom do not bring any internet bound data traffic into the IPC environment. This means that bandwidth is dedicated for voice only, providing the user with superb quality calls at significantly reduced rates.

Data LTE packages are also available, affording companies the ability to rapidly deploy connectivity solutions to small offices nationally. LTE data packages are ideal as failover solutions to ensure downtime is minimized.