Hosted PBX
Solutions (VBX)

VBX is a cost effective, feature rich, scalable and future-proof
cloud-based PBX offering.

VBX Across South Africa

VBX is a cost effective, feature rich, scalable and future-proof cloud-based PBX offering. The VBX platform is replicated and hosted in numerous points of presence across South Africa, making this the ideal solution for a company looking for guaranteed uptime and availability. The rate at which technology is evolving means that clients purchasing assets (onsite PBX systems), are often left with outdated technology within a few years.

Our VBX solution provides our clientele with the most technologically advanced telephony platform with all the latest features on demand as and when you require it. The VBX solution is fully scalable and users can be added and deleted with ease.

Key Differentiators and Benefits include:

  • Designed and based on market requirements and demand, ultimately resulting in cost savings for our clients.
  • Cost effective (pay for what you use).
  • Faster response times (centrally managed cloud platform mitigates the need to send a technician to site, rapidly reducing response times).
  • Mobility (remote users can form part of a centralised system. This can be extended across territories and regions and allow companies, for example, to have a single receptionist fielding calls for the entire national operation).
  • Enterprise functionality (VBX offers a wide range of highly advanced features and functionality that can be added as and when needed. Some of the more commonly used features are Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Call Forwarding, Voice Mail to Email, Call Transfers, Call Pickups and Pin Code Dialing ).
  • Automatic upgrades (the end user is constantly utilising the most updated system available globally, providing peace of mind. No surprises with future upgrade costs).

In addition to our VBX solution, Mesh Telecom deliver numerous onsite PBX deployment solutions where needed, catering for all SME and Corporate customers.

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