Mesh Telecom


Mesh Telecom was established in 2008 to target opportunities in the fast-paced and continuously evolving ICT industry. With the wealth of expertise and knowledge held by our team, resulting from experience in ICT consulting dating back to 1989, the foundation was set to deliver our best of breed ICT products and services to Corporate and SME clients throughout Africa.

Mesh Telecom has invested substantial capital and resources into our next generation voice and data network architecture, enabling us to deliver quality, industry-leading products and services backed by a dynamic team of individuals who share a passion for technology.

The key focus of Mesh Telecom is to provide an effortless experience at all levels of interaction.

Mesh Telecom focus on being a client service driven organisation, constantly researching and testing new and innovative products that will meet the needs of our existing and future customers.

“Service beyond all else.”

Mesh Telecom provide state of the art ICT products and services backed up with superior customer service to SME and Corporate organisations throughout Africa, with the aim of becoming the trusted advisor. The emphasis Mesh Telecom places on securing relationships with the right suppliers and external stakeholders ensures that the Mission is carried out successfully.

Geographical Locations

Mesh Telecom has the ability to implement and support products and services throughout the Republic of South Africa and Africa, as well as specific countries abroad through our extensive partner network.

Presently, our key support nodes are
situated in the following regions: