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Voice Over IP Solutions



Reduce Business Telephone Costs

Reduce business telephone costs by up to as much as 45% with Mesh Telecom’s Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution. With no interruptions and a simple installation, savings will be generated instantly, reducing operating costs and enhancing cash flow. In addition to reducing business telephone costs, there are numerous other attractive benefits for a business utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP).
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Further savings can be realised through the implementation of a highly advanced and automated Telephone Management System.

The Telephone Management System has evolved in the same way that people communicate. Businesses now need to track and manage not only desk phone expenditure but also all peripheral communication devices, including corporate cellular phones and 3G data cards. Mesh Telecom’s Telephone Management System provides online easy access to this data and allows businesses to implement automated alerts to manage staff, with minimal to no resources needed from the client’s side.
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