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Reduce Business
Telephone Costs

Reduce Business Telephone Costs

Reduce business telephone costs by up to as much as 45% with Mesh Telecom’s Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution. With no interruptions and a simple installation, savings will be generated instantly, reducing operating costs and enhancing cash flow.

Data Storage

Data Storage Solutions

Tired of manually backing up your data to hard drive? Does the thought of losing critical business data scare you? Mesh Telecom’s Data Storage Solutions provide businesses with automated and highly secure storage options.

Internet Speed

Improve Internet Speed

Improve your internet speed with Mesh Telecom’s Business Broadband Solutions. Our options include Fibre Optic, Business Wireless Solutions, Digital Subscriber Lines (Business ADSL) and Satellite.

Network Solutions

Business Network Solutions

Mesh Telecom offers Business Network Solutions that are affordable and reliable. Securely connecting branch offices to allow seamless communication has never been easier. Businesses require Network Solutions that have the ability to grow.
Next Generation Voice and Data
Voice Over IP Solutions (VOIP)

Voice Over IP Solutions (VOIP)

Mesh Telecom’s Voice over IP Solutions (VoIP) offer customers highly competitive call rates and guaranteed voice quality. Calls are routed through dedicated SAIX (South African
Internet Exchange) connections to our data centres where
we have connections into all the major Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers. Network redundancy is a critical
component of our network and if necessary we have the
ability to automatically switch the routing between providers, based on their quality and network performance. >> more


Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic

The latest available Business Broadband service is Fibre Optic, which is currently the fastest internet connection. The availability of Fibre connections in South Africa is growing as numerous providers continuously expand the reach of their networks.
The cost of Fibre Optic is slowly decreasing as competition increases, and businesses now have access to a host of providers for service delivery. Mesh Telecom provides Fibre Optic Broadband Connections that are fast, reliable and competitively priced. >> more




Mesh Telecom’s Fax over IP (FoIP)
solution provides customers with the
ability to access Cloud-based Faxcore Servers in multiple data centres around the country. Options available for Fax over IP (FoIP) include simply sending and receiving faxes directly from Outlook, least cost routing
clients’ existing Fax Servers, and MFP integration. Mesh Telecom’s Fax over IP (FoIP) rates are highly competitive
and billed per second. >> more

Telephone Management System

Telephone Management System

The Telephone Management System has evolved in the same way that people communicate. Businesses now need to track and manage not only desk phone expenditure but also all peripheral communication devices, including corporate cellular phones and 3G data cards. Mesh Telecom’s Telephone Management System provides online easy access to this data and allows businesses to implement automated alerts to manage staff, with minimal to no resources needed from the client’s side. >> more