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Business Email Hosting


Business Email Hosting

Business Email Hosting

Email communication has become the preferential means of communication for businesses due to its simplicity, ease of use, tracking ability and professionalism. Companies of today are not only using the business email service to communicate, but also as a means to market and solicit value-added products to their existing client base through email branding and marketing.

Mesh Telecom’s Business Email Hosting offers customers an affordable premium email service. Companies now have the ability to take advantage of collaboration through Shared Calendars, Instant Messaging, Public Folders and Global Address Books. The increased security features of the Cloud-based platform ensure that spam is filtered and that email is scanned for potential threats before delivering it to the end user.

Features and Benefits

Mobility – Employees can access their email from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection.  Email can be accessed through the Web Portal and via mobile phone devices. Businesses will experience vast productivity gains by enabling a mobile workforce.

Predictable Operating Costs – The Software as a service model (Saas) ensures that upfront expenditure is kept to a minimum whilst at the same time allowing an organisation to budget an accurate cost per user per month for the service. The flexibility of the service allows users to be added or removed monthly as dynamic subscription billing means that you pay only for what you use.

Mail Management – Mail can be sorted, prioritized and email folders can be searched using advanced filtering criteria. The administration interface allows for simplified administration and management.

Reduced IT Overheads – Companies can save on IT expenditure as there is no longer a need for an onsite Exchange Server, costly licensing or expertise needed to manage the on-site Exchange environment. The IT budget can now be allocated to other areas, for example, deploying a faster Business Broadband internet connection to enhance the user's experience and increase productivity.

Additional Email Services – Additional features available include Email Security, Email Branding and Email Archiving. These features are often included as a standard in our Business Email Hosting offerings, allowing businesses to take advantage of these value-added services at a fraction of the cost.

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