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Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Improve Internet Speed

Bandwidth is becoming more freely available in South Africa due to the increasing amount of connectivity landing on our shores. Improve your internet speed with Mesh Telecom’s Business Broadband Solutions. Our options include Fibre Optic, Business Wireless Solutions, Digital Subscriber Lines (Business ADSL) and Satellite. Improving your internet speed can now be achieved with affordable solutions, just a click away.


Fibre Optic

The latest available Business Broadband service is Fibre Optic, which is currently the fastest internet connection. The availability of Fibre connections in South Africa is growing as numerous providers continuously expand the reach of their networks. The cost of Fibre Optic is slowly decreasing as competition increases, and businesses now have access to a host of providers for service delivery.  Mesh Telecom provides Fibre Optic Broadband Connections that are fast, reliable and competitively priced. Fibre is typically dedicated and uncontended.


Business Wireless Solutions

Business Wireless Solutions from Mesh Telecom include Wimax and dedicated Microwave links. Wireless links give companies an opportunity to access reliable and fast internet connectivity in areas where fixed line connectivity does not exist or constant cable theft is causing major service interruptions. This service is ideally suited to mines, farms, municipalities, construction sites, and companies looking to implement burstable redundancy links to be used in the event of a primary line failure. Mesh Telecom can deliver on a wide array of Business Wireless Solutions, varying in size and contention, depending on the client’s individual needs and budget.


Digital Subscriber Line (Business ADSL)

Digital Subscriber Lines (Business ADSL) is a highly cost effective connectivity service. The Business ADSL service is loaded on top of an existing telephone line. The speed of the service varies according to the distance the customer is from the exchange as well as the amount of users accessing the service at a particular time. DSL services are usually contended and best effort, however they do offer superb value for a price-sensitive business requiring Broadband connectivity.


Satellite Connectivity

Satellite Connectivity services offer companies an alternate to Business Wireless Solutions in areas where fixed line connectivity is not available and there is no line of sight to access the various wireless networks. The once-off installation costs of Satellite services are relatively high, however the monthly charges for the service have decreased substantially over the years, making this a viable form of Business Broadband connectivity for customers with remote locations requiring reliable internet connectivity. This service is ideally suited to companies requiring connectivity up into Africa.